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Sterling silver, andalusite, tanzanite
Andalusite and Tanzanite

amethyst ring2 2014

Hall_pink topaz ring
Pink Topaz

tanzanite ring

Lab-grown sapphire, cubic zirconia

Double Ring Multi-stone 1.2013_small
Mixed gemstones


Pink Sapphire and Tanzanite Ring_2016_DSC_0022
Pink Sapphire and Tanzanite


Cubic zirconia


DSC_0018_Bug Legs Ring_cropped
Insect legs, gemstones

Adam anniversary ring_2014_cropped
Anniversary Ring (sterling silver, yellow and blue sapphires)

Tanzanite and yellow sapphire ring_2016_DSC_0004
Tanzanite and Yellow Sapphire

About the stones: In lieu of diamonds, I use a variety of manmade and naturally occurring gemstones. I boycott diamonds because of the severe social ramifications associated with the diamond trade. For years, diamonds have been mined in war zones and used to finance violence. Even ‘conflict-free’ diamonds may or may not be what they are intended to be, and it is impossible to tell if an individual diamond is truly ‘clean.’ The United Nations on conflict diamonds For entirely different reasons, I also avoid using gold unless it is directly supplied by a company that only refines scrap and does not purchase or acquire newly mined gold. The environmental impacts of gold mining are devastating. Silver mining also causes significant environmental impacts. I source at least ninety percent of my silver as recycled metal.  I use two methods: 1) purchasing scrap  sterling silver from retired jewelers-I then melt it into ingots and mill into sheet and wire and 2) purchasing finished silver sheet and wire from a reputable company that only refines scrap silver.