New Work

Venus Flytraps

Scarab Ring

Dogbane Beetles


Cerambycid Ring

Cranefly Ring

Blue and Green Tortoise Beetle

Cerambycid Locket Brooch

Velvet Ants
Private Collection

Chlorida festiva

Private Collection

Scarlet-bodied Wasp Moth

Yellow Cerambycid Ring
Private Collection

Ants Aggregation Ring

Cotinus Beetles back_2018_DSC_0606_small

Cotinus Beetles_2018_back open_DSC_0614_smallCotinus Beetles
Alchemy V Exhibition at Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA
Private Collection

Gorongosa Dung Beetle

Goliath Beetles

Bumblebee and Mayfly Rings


Flying Cicadas

Circle of Grasshoppers

Monarch Caterpillar Brooch – Donated to the 2018 Penland Benefit Auction

Phaneus huichol Brooch
Private Collection

Kinetic Dragonfly Brooch

Kinetic Dragonfly Brooch Video

Kinetic Mayfly Brooch Video

Bee Brooches

Wall Piece 9″x6″x2″
Enamel on copper
Collection of the Enamel Arts Foundation

Private Collection

Mating Blowflies

Black Widow Pendant
Private Collection

Yellow Jacket Ring

Private Collection

Monarch Caterpillar Pendant

Yellow Jacket Swarm
Brooch 3.5″x3.5″x0.5″
Enamel, copper, brass, silver, orange sapphire
Private Collection

Orange Marbled Orb Weaver
Brooch. 2.75″x2.75″x0.5″
Enamel, copper, silver, brass, garnet, orange sapphire
Private Collection

Ants Awareness Ring
Enamel on copper, silver, garnet
Private Collection

Rusty Patched Bumblebee
Brooch. Enamel, copper, silver, orange sapphire
Private Collection

Green Bottle Fly Brooch_2_2017_DSC_0137
Green Bottle Brooch_side_DSC_0190_cropped
Green Bottle Fly Brooch_back_DSC_0207
 Superfly Brooch
Enamel, copper, silver, lab-grown rubies
Collection of the Enamel Arts Foundation

Rainbow Bug Brooch

Gymnestis Bowl


Chrysomelid (leaf beetle) brooch
Enamel, copper, silver, garnet
Collection of the Enamel Arts Foundation

Engorged Tick Brooch

Mosquito Tray
Collection of the Enamel Arts Foundation

 Ants Marching Bowl_2016_DSC_0047_cropped_small
Ants Bowl

17 Yr Cicada_2016_DSC_0019_cropped_small
17 Year Cicada Brooch
Private Collection

Ants Marching II_2016_DSC_0032_cropped
Ants Marching Brooch II

Fly, Cicada, Fly_Detail_2016_DSC_0132
Fly, Cicada, fly!

Dragonfly II_2016_detail_cropped_DSC_0175
Dragonfly II
Private Collection

Crane Fly Brooch_2016_DSC_0054
Crane Fly Brooch

Green and Yellow Beetle Brooch_2_DSC_0317
Green and Yellow Beetle Brooch
Private Collection

Bumblebee Brooch_2016_DSC_0306
Bumblebee Brooch
Private Collection

stag beetle brooch_2015_cropped Stag Beetle Brooch_Back_cropped_1920 Stag Beetle Brooch_inside_DSC_0080_small
Stag Beetle Brooch
Private Collection

Purple Butterfly Brooch_2016_DSC_0114_small
Purple Butterfly Brooch