Enamel Drawings

My exploration in metalwork and enameling illustrates organisms through imagery that represents a diverse array of entomological life. However, dissected, manipulated, or scrutinized, these organisms remain elusive and woefully unappreciated. Anthropomorphically biased, we focus only on the exasperations specific to the human condition—the blood thirsty mosquito, the menacing cockroach lurking beneath the kitchen stove. So ready to smack, squish, and spray, we fail to appreciate the evolutionary aptitude and anatomical brilliance of these savage bugs. From intricate venation patterns within glassy amber wings to microscopically formidable tarsi, complex microcosms of line, form, and texture abound. Despite our cultural aversions, insects are the successful progeny of millions of years of evolution. They will continue to flourish or perish, irrespective to the blinds of human perception, long surpassing our own evolutionary blip. Perhaps the real aggravation then is not the pesky mosquito to the human, but the human as the ephemeral vexation in the eternal reign of the insects.

Ants Marching Bowl_2016_DSC_0047_cropped_small
Ants Bowl

Centipede Bowl_2014_cropped small
Scolopendra Bowl
Collection of the Enamel Arts Foundation

Hall_7_Ants Marching Brooch
Ants Marching Brooch
Private Collection

Crabs: Papillon d’amour
Collection of the Enamel Arts Foundation

Wheel Bug Brooch (front)

wheel bug brooch_back_2014_small
Wheel Bug Brooch (back)

Flea Buckle__2_2014_small_cropped

Flea Buckle_back_2014_small
Flea Belt Buckle 

Scorpion Brooch_2014_cropped
Scorpion Brooch

Robber Fly_DSC_0019_small
Robber Fly Brooch

Ants Marching II_2016_DSC_0032_cropped
Ants Marching Brooch II

Crane Fly Brooch_2016_DSC_0054
Crane Fly Brooch

Ophion Brooch

Roach Brooch_2014
Roach Brooch

Ground Beetle Brooch_2014_small
Ground Beetle Brooch

mantis couple_2014_best_small
Mantis Couple Brooch
Private Collection

 Stink Bug Brooch_2014
Stink Bug Brooch

Flea Bowl_2008_small
Flea Bowl
Collection of the Enamel Arts Foundation

Dung Beetle Brooch_small
Dung Beetle Brooch

Crane fly brooch_2014
Crane Fly Brooch
Private Collection

Bed Bug Brooch_Charity Hall
Bed Bug Brooch
Private Collection

mammal louse brooch_front_small_cropped
Mammal Louse Brooch

Fossil Fish Brooch
Private Collection

Mosquito Brooch 2008_small
Mosquito Brooch

Mosquito Bowl
Mosquito Bowl
Private Collection

mantis bowl frontadj
Mantis Bowl
Private Collection

Crabs: Papillon d’amour
Belt Buckle

Hall02a_ Caytonia Bowl
Caytonia Bowl (front)

Hall02b_Caytonia Bowl_back
Caytonia Bowl (back)

Hall01a_Tailless Whip Scorpion Bowl
Tailless Whip Scorpion Bowl (front)

Hall01b_Tailless Whip Scorpion Bowl__back
Tailless Whip Scorpion Bowl (back)

moss o menos 06
Moss o menos
Brooch (front), back shown below
Donated by private collector to the Racine Art Museum

moss o menos back